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Исполнитель: Sonata Arctica
Название: Storm the Armada
Длительность: 4:06
Лейбл: Nuclear Blast
Битрейт: 360 kbps
Прослушано: 0

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Текст песни Storm the Armada

The spark of life had found the harbour
Sailing the void
The waters rise, storm the armada
Of heedless souls
Days prior, when the fallen signed their I Owe Yous
They would gaze upon the sky to see the last day of the moon
Once again they’d gone and sold what isn’t theirs to sell
Who’s the one who goes to hell
When the seas are rising
And their sales go down, go down
Go down and when their sales go down
They will be there to push you down
Hope they never find another world
Consuming what really wasn’t conferred
The sun will rise while the moon will fall
Howling at the one that is no more
Found a letter from yourself today
Hoping we could all send letters to guide them, someway
To save the world today…
But when we kings have lost our crowns
And when our thrones have burned
We all will burn until the seas
Rise to take us where we once belonged
On that day we kill the one who has wronged
We The Beast
Read a letter from my future self
Do not sell what isn’t yours to sell anyway
I hope you leave behind a better place
Write the runes on the face of the moon, lest we forget
Write a letter to your future self
Read the one your children would like to write you one day
We regret, forever, many things
All apologies, we’re sorry for breaking your moon
Breaking your moon
Killing your seas
Cutting your trees
Killing your bees
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