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Исполнитель: Sonata Arctica
Название: Demon's Cage
Длительность: 4:06
Лейбл: Nuclear Blast
Битрейт: 360 kbps
Прослушано: 0

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Текст песни Demon's Cage

Far and away, out where the rainbows once ended
And all the blood, fortunes and diamonds are old
Sons of their fathers grew their own demons
To pay the cure for their sole heir had no spine
The meek shall claim the land
Read the leaders' escape plan’s on the last page
Of The Golden book in the Demon’s Cage
Pave the streets with broken glass
Working class, kneel and kiss my… s…
The door is open, the Demon’s gone
The ink dots dropped on the lines are wrong
Failing to save the world from your own kind
The pen is made out of a dead angel’s wing
You signed your name on a ticket to rags and pain
Join us for the one finger salute, he’s told you to
Pave the streets with broken glass
Working man, kneel, kiss my beautiful…
The door is open, the Demon’s gone…
Your ink is square on the box, but the box is all wrong
The door is open, the Demon’s gone
Soon you will run out of the end to the Once Upon a…
The door is closed and the Demon’s home
You have ran out of the end to the Once Upon a…
The door is locked and the Demon’s come
You cannot but learn his song and sing-along
The world’s in flames and the Demon smiles
Damn, you chose well, your Demon’s smile’s a mile wide
The smile’s a mile wide
Just make sure before you leave the last one will…
Well, never mind…
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